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i3 Frequently Asked Questions A lot of people across the country have heard about i3 and are willing to take a step forward to register for this terrific platform. Their belief will surely not be let down considering the terrific performance the team is willing to deliver. As the platform is being shared with more and more people questions are bound to come and we are willing to answer them to the best we can. We are here to stay, so feel free to ASK.

Following are a few questions that have come frequently:
1. Where are the conferences going to be held?
The conferences are going to be held in any of the auditoriums in the city. The venues will be communicated prior to conferences. The whole thrill of I3 is in its uncertainty and we will make sure you will have a lot of reasons to experience the same.
2. What if the auditorium is far?
There cannot be any corner of Bangalore that could be far enough not to get reached within 90 minutes of travel on weekdays and less than 60 minutes of travel on sundays. Since the conferences are going to happen on Sundays you could buy 2 hours additional for I3 from your life and assume that this event would last 5 hours in total every week. If it is worth it, it is worth the travel. We appreciate this question but definitely not more than we appreciate the quality of impact I3 is capable of having on individuals. There are people willing to travel districts every single sunday as long as this is going to transform their lives. We hope the distance factor won't play a role in your decision making. There is quote that goes like this "To go the distance, you must be willing to go the distance.."
3. Who are the Counsellors?
The Counsellors are the experts from various industrial/professional backgrounds. They have, through their experience, earned wisdom and stories that are worth sharing, hence, we invite them to join us to mould our i3 Delegates. If this question at all means the names of the counsellors, then, it definitely is a total surprise every single weekend. But you can find the list of counsellors so far here. IU has a reputation of delivering more than what it promises and it shall keep upto, when it comes to i3 in much bigger ways. The Counsellors will address the conference's agenda and share insights on life as a whole too. The delegates are allowed to network with the counsellor and hence the relationship continues for those who wish to seek mentorship in the long term.
4. Who are delegates?
Every individual who enrolls into i3 who is a student of graduation or post-graduation is termed a delegate.
5. Can we Back out or quit?
I3 is not meant for quitters under any circumstances. We want people to look forward to Life as much as we want them to look forward to I3. There is no reason for quitting and even if there is, there is no option in I3 created for such people with such genuine reasons. Once you have decided to make the payment the only way out is to make the most of this platform. The price for what is being offered is pea-nuts and the decision is not being taken at gun-point and hence we believe in relieving ourselves of the quitters before they could even jump in.
If you have more questions - you can shoot them in the comments column here and we shall do the needful to answer you as best as we can.