Inspiring Entrepreneurship & Encouraging Volunteerism
The Platform is a brainchild of Entrepreneur, Author & Business Coach Mr Sujit Lalwani who has travelled the world before bringing this vision alive. His life stands as an example of Action, Impact, Inspiration & Youth Leadership.

This platform tries to stand as an example of culmination of education with execution, Influence with Inspiration, Solutions for Youth and Problems of society and overall achieve growth for youth through impact on society.

This program is a comprehensive 3 Months Program that invites youth to participate in conferences conducted on Weekends where i3 Counsellors who are otherwise achievers in various fields are invited to share their story of success and struggles & influence & inspire the i3 delegates.

Post the conferences the delegates are given projects/volunteering opportunities with NGOs/CSRs and other social impact tasks to channelise their energy and bring to life an experience that shall forever remain etched in their memories and make a better leader out of them.

This in turn becomes a platform to build better social circle, get mentored on ideas/projects, get mentored to groom oneself and get exposure to innumerable success stories and learn first hand from them the ingredients of successful life.