Inspiring Entrepreneurship & Encouraging Volunteerism
i3 is a venture that is vision driven, to create a community of youth who will be most directed, diversely experienced and enriched, inclined towards social entrepreneurship models, and always out to make things happen - To Influence, Inspire & Impact.
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Everyone has the capability if given right exposure, connected to right people and lead by leaders/mentors who have themselves done what they speak.
This platform tries to stand as an example of culmination of education with execution, Influence with Inspiration, Solutions for youth and societal problems.
i3 is helping a lot of youth achieve terrific personal growth & eventually help the society progress leaps and bounds through the impact targeted by this organization.

Delegates get mentored to groom themselves and get exposure to innumerable success stories and learn first hand from them the ingredients of successful life.

i3 Counsellors are industry experts / achievers in various fields who are invited to share their story of success and struggles, who influence and inspire the i3 delegates.

The delegates are given projects/volunteering opportunities with NGOs/CSRs and other social impact tasks to channelise their energy and make a better leader out of them.

Mentors give dedicated guidance and support to the delegates to bring out the best talents in them while the delegates execute projects / tasks week after week.
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